What is a LifePlan?

A LifePlan is a custom-tailored MasterPlan that defines your total-life strategy. It's a two-day, one-on-one deep dive into all of your life. The LifePlan process guides you to make sense of today's realities, focuses your future vision, and guides you to create a plan to help you get there.

     What do you get?  

  •  Direction & Focus
  •  Purpose & Peace
  •  Hope & Clarity
  •  A Life Strategy

During your LifePlan we will:

  •  Gain perspective on your life.
  •  Discover your unique design.
  •  Clarify your mission.
  •  Create a plan to apply your discoveries.

Process & Approach

Designed by Tom Paterson, LifePlanning is a proven and behaviorally sound process developed to help you discover your unique design, clarify your mission, and apply your discoveries to every aspect of your life. The Paterson LifePlan process has helped more than 3,000 people move from feeling stuck towards living the life they were meant to live. 

Tom and me.

Tom and me.

Tom facilitated my LifePlan in 1994 and trained me to facilitate LifePlans in 1995. I have facilitated over 800 LifePlans with top executives, non-profit leaders, and those in all seasons of life, from college graduates to those facing retirement. I've helped my clients navigate the crossroads of life, discover their path, how to better integrate their personal and work lives, and how to be more effective by learning where and how to invest their time and talents.   

Facilitator, not consultant 

With recent LifePlan clients, the Hoeppners.

With recent LifePlan clients, the Hoeppners.

LifePlanning is a customized two-day process that is built on behaviorally sound foundations and which encompasses all life domains:  personal, family, vocation, spiritual, and community. During the LifePlan process you are guided through four phases, each customized to who you are and your current season of life. The LifePlan processes are time-tested, customized to your needs, and validated by a diverse line-up of individuals.