"Everyone has a story... Every story is a journey... Every journey needs a map... Every map needs a guide..."

These four sentences have emerged from my journey as a map maker. (A mapmaker? Yes, but not the traditional kind of mapmaking. I simply help individuals and organizations gain clarity on where they stand, where they should go, and how to get there.) 

Some friends of mine have challenged parts of this string of sentences, wanting to lop off the third or fourth link. "Does every journey really need a map?" "Does every map need a guide?"

Fair questions. 

You don't need a map if you don't care where you're going. As Howard Hendricks says, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time."

If you want to really focus and leverage your days on earth, you had better have a map to take you where you want to end up or you might end up where you don't want to go. 

But do you need a guide, especially if you have a map? I say yes. Solo journeys are easy protein for predators. A good guide warns of danger, helps maneuver out of traps, redirects around obstacles, and strengthens the fight against enemies.

Meet tom paterson, creator of the Paterson Process

Today Tom is 92 years old and lives in Ft. Collins, CO. 

Today Tom is 92 years old and lives in Ft. Collins, CO. 

Tom Paterson developed the Paterson Process in 1972. He facilitated my LifePlan in 1994 and trained me to facilitate in 1995. Tom worked with Peter Drucker for much of his consulting career. Those who knew the two of them called Drucker the "business theorist" and Tom the "process practician."

Tom has greatly contributed to the world as we know it. His thinking led to the original patent and innovation of the ATM. He crafted the original concept for Space Mountain in Disneyland. Tom led innovative teams for NASA, Boeing, IBM and RCA. He was a lead consultant to China in the 1980's, commissioned by President Reagan's administration to help top industry leaders think though China's role in the global economy. 

The Paterson Processes are time-tested, behaviorally sound, and customized to the unique world of  the client. Trained by Tom in the Paterson Processes, I have facilitated hundreds of plans in a variety of for-profit and non-profit settings. I am one of the lead trainers  at the Paterson Center. I thank Tom regularly for pouring his processes and tools into me.