Because the next step isn't always clear.

The StratOp process guides you and your leadership team to a holistic perspective and plan on the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of your organization.  I use a variety of tools to guide you to clarity and to facilitate a customized core plan for your organization. The StratOp process helps you discover:

  •  Where you are now

  •  Where you should go

  •  How to best get there

What is StratOp?

When we plan strategically, we make decisions today that impact tomorrow. When we plan operationally, we make decisions that help us manage today more effectively. StratOp is a multi-day team-discovery planning process that helps us to do both.  

The StratOp process:

  1. Gives you perspective on all of the strategic, operational, and financial  parts of your business.
  2. Helps you know where you stand today.
  3. Clarifies where you should go in the future.
  4. Gives you a customized plan on how to get there strategically, operationally, and financially. 


  • Unity and alignment within your team
  • Clarified roles
  • A ready to install, customized strategic operating plan 

My goal is to equip you with the process and tools for a new system of managing and leading your organization. 

Process & Approach

I call myself a strategic facilitator rather than a consultant. My approach is to facilitate a proven process with you and your leadership team, trusting the process to guide you to self-discover the facts and truths of your organization and create a customized plan that fits your financial and staff capacities.  My goal is to help you become self-sufficient in a new way of managing and measuring the progress of your plan.

I believe the planning process is as important as the plan itself. A good plan created in isolation almost guarantees a lack of ownership among those who are expected to implement it. Conversely,  a good team process discovered with the right blend of leaders possesses high-potential for a successfully installed plan with a healthy result for the entire organization. The planning process is as important as the plan itself. How a leadership team gains perspective and implements their plan is foundational to whether the plan lives or dies--and whether or not it makes a difference in the future of the organization.

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